How We Give

Giving a Creative Gift

Art with a purpose

Art You Own is all about sharing the wisdom of artist. Art shapes cultures and minds in ways that can’t always be seen. It is important we don't lose this wisdom as our culture progresses. A life without art is quite boring indeed!

To achieve this and more, we created a charitable foundation that is supported by 40 percent. For more on this progression visit Who We Are.

We believe school programs should have the necessary resources to keep their art programs alive, and that communities should embrace artistic expression. Our charitable giving is designed to be flexible enough that we can give to those who will truly benefit.

Please come back often as we add pictures and testimonials from these programs. The smiles are amazing! You can also follow us online on Facebook or Twitter and visit “Charity Page” for more information about our latest events.

Some of the Programs We Give to:

  • School Art Programs
  • Homeless Art Programs
  • Community Art Programs

Some of the Events We Promote

  • Art in the Park
  • Art Mobile Fundraisers
  • School Fundraisers



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