West Broadway/ Olive Alley Mural

Product Description

I am Hans d’Hollosy --an artist living in Eugene, Oregon-- and primarily a studio painter (an artist working on stretched canvas in a studio). This is my first outdoor mural and I loved creating every inch of it. What started as a small, 20 foot by 10 foot mural, has grown to be a 154 foot long by 20 foot high opus. I just could not stop myself from painting more ... and more...The West Broadway/ Olive Alley Mural (at 164 West Broadway) in downtown Eugene,Oregon, is my creation. I am one artist relying on my vision, and forty years artistic experience to make this work. At close to 3000 square feet this non-commercial, non-commissioned mural may be the largest of its kind in Lane County, perhaps Oregon. I realize that this work is technically a mural, a painting directly on a wall, but being the sole perpetrator of this organically conceived creation (no blue prints, sketches, committees, etc.), I was free to feel, think, treat, and develop the project as I wished. Hence, I treated it as if it were just a big painting in my studio. The alley became my studio; the rough wall my canvas.The mural has already become a destination for many people from other parts of Oregon and the US,, both by actual visits, and virtually through articles and interviews in the local news, The internet has given my mural a world wide presence. A photo/video documentation will, someday, archive this massive mural for future reference, and for the continued enjoyment and inspiration by, not only the local community, but also by visitors and muralists from all over Oregon, the country, and the world. For now I over these segments for those who wish to own a reproduction of selected segments.



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