Who We Are

Who We Are

Dynamic and Giving Marketplace for Artists and Collectors to Find Each Other

Art You Own is all about sharing the wisdom of artist and creating a giving forum for new and established artists to showcase their work.

Artistry is a way of living, not just something to accomplish. Similarly, charitable giving is a lifestyle. Both of these principles drive our commitment to Art You Own (AYO). AYO started, as these things often do, with a conversation. It was just two people, two lifelong friends talking about the importance of art and how it has shaped both of their lives.

About Us

One was a physician who, after many instructors, professors, teachers and mentors, still identified his high school art teacher as the most influential in charting his path through life.

The other, an artist who through a lifetime of dedication to creating works of art and encouraging other artists, felt the need to help reach and inspire a whole new generation to experience something that only making art can provide.

As time went on, the importance of our ideas and goals gave rise to creating a foundation that could help support art in all forms, with our main focus primarily on sponsoring art teachers and supplies in primary and secondary schools.

Charitable Objectives

We then set a remarkable goal. Whatever happened, however this idea of ours took shape and developed…we would always hold 40 percent of the proceeds in this foundation to fund the kind of arts programs in schools we were both fortunate enough to have in our own lives. Enter AYO.

When you buy art here, you should know that 40 percent of the proceeds will first go to support art education. We hope you’ll be most intrigued by supporting both education and new and talented artists who now have a national stage on which to showcase their work.

Helping Artists

We are going to accomplish our goal by cultivating the artist community. By participating in our website, the artist gains exposure of their work to a wide variety of individuals and groups interested in supporting the arts as well as providing a unique way to bring their inspired and creative works of art to more people.

That first brush of color, the feel of a fabric, the smell of melting wax, the sound of metal on metal or the splash of clay flying from the wheel. Those of us lucky enough to have had the opportunity to create something uniquely our own know the power it has to change how we look at the world and ourselves.

We hope you will join us so together we can build something very special. Something that can change the world one creative moment at a time! Cheers!



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